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Salus Foam Roller

A muscle recovery device that combines traditional pressure based therapy with heat and vibration.

“They have streamlined our entire process… I can’t say enough about these guys – how much they have helped my business and how confident I am with them moving forward…”

– Kalum L.

The Vendometer

An IoT device for remotely tracking machine usage and inventory levels.

Jamil K

“I can confidently say that any product you can imagine can be built by the team. They kept the project to budget and went above and beyond to ensure the project met all specifications…”

– Jamil K.

Tie Master

An elegant method to organize and display neck ties for the tie connoisseur.

Goerge M

“I would definitely recommend their firm to anyone looking to produce a product of their own… I am very happy with my experience dealing with Ventrify throughout the process.”

– George M.

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Full service product development means we don’t just design & engineer your product - we manufacture it too. Your success becomes our success, so you can be confident we are doing our best right from the start.
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About Us

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market by spearheading their product design challenges. Business is incredibly challenging and product design is a large domain, all on its own. That’s why we created Ventrify.

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We Make Building Products Easy and Our Clients Agree

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The Top 7 Reasons Why Clients Use Us

  • Our team is skilled and diverse – yet small enough to be nimble. There are a lot of complex steps in the product design process. That’s why we bring people in from every step of the process – so we can see every angle of the problem.
  • We are Canadian. We are close by, local to Alberta and British Columbia, which is important to understanding the problems our clients are solving and the context in which they happen.
  • We get boots-on-the-ground at factories. Establishing trust, verifying product quality, and checking for safe work conditions is crucial for a positive long term relationship. Whether it’s our team or one of our established partners, we connect with factories in person.
  • Our design process is fast, but also thorough. Speed is nothing without quality. A quality product will build it’s own following and a devoted community. Speed is simply the biproduct of our team refining our process over years of design iteration.
  • We provide full service product design services. You don’t need to find, qualify, and manage multiple contractors – we do it all in-house.
  • We take responsibility for the end product. We manage the manufacturing process because the end product is only as good as the manufacturing process. That’s why we don’t just leave clients with a factory – or worse – leave them to find their own factory.
  • We have a strong network of partners. Product development is only 1 part of a successful business. We know great patent advisors, marketers, logistics teams and anything in between – we are comfortable making good recommendations.

Why It's Crucial to Take the First Step Now


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
– Chinese proverb.

The First Mover Advantage is incredibly powerful in new product design because any competitors following your lead will need to start the design (or manufacturing) process at the beginning when they first encounter your product.

That period of time it takes others to get to market is an incredibly unique time to establish product market fit and obtain uncontested market share. That gap becomes a moat that makes your business robust against competitors’ attacks.

That’s why it’s important to take the first step now. The people experiencing your same problem could be your customers – but they could also come up with a competitive product idea tomorrow – and being first to market can make all the difference.

If you are unsure of how to get started, reach out to our team.

The Story of How We got Here


We are Western Canada’s fastest growing design group for consumer product design – but that’s not how it started.

It started when Kyle, one of our founders, was working in Taiwan for a product design firm. He fell in love with the industry and got to know it intimately from inside the belly of this corporate beast.

But it felt wrong. Their CEO had countless stories of turning down clients because they were “too small” or too new and “didn’t know what they were doing.” Kyle realized these people were hopeful entrepreneurs and startups that had great ideas but were being turned away because they didn’t have a big enough wallet.

So when he moved back to Canada, he decided to start Ventrify – a product design firm that would cater to ambitious entrepreneurs and startups.

And although it started as 2 engineers working in a kitchen, it has grown to 9 multi-disciplinary individuals spanning offices in Alberta and British Columbia. And we’re growing faster than ever!

Our team members are not your usual designers: they have backgrounds in engineering, industrial design, machining & prototyping, research & testing, computer science, astrophysics, business management, and entrepreneurship.

Today, we are proud to only be working with the most ambitious clients. With them, we are building successful businesses by creating amazing products to solve real problems.

The Ventrify Design Process: A Proven Process for Bringing New Product Ideas to Market


Phase 1: Visualizing Your Idea and Creating a Product Roadmap


This establishes the base on which we will build the whole product, Phase 1 consists of 3 sections:

  • Understanding the user and their problem. We have to know our end user intimately – what they are doing, their environment, their thought processes, and their alternatives.
  • Visualizing the product through industrial design sketches. Our whole team comes together to discuss your idea – the good, the bad, alternatives, it’s appeal, it’s potential, and how to make it better. We extract the best ideas and integrate them into a final product concept that we bring to life through sketches or renders.
  • Building a product roadmap. We translate our research and visuals into measurable targets. These product requirements allow us to estimate the time and cost required for the remainder of the project.

Doing a thorough Phase 1 has a disproportionate influence on the product design cycle. Changes in later stages require significant rework, so doing this first phase well is how we’ve cut our design timelines in by as much as half.

Phase 2: Building It with 3D Modelling and Rapid Prototyping


Phase 2 is all about making sure it will work. We do this by:

  • Analyzing key design challenges. We define key design elements and address challenges individually prior to integrating them into the full design.
  • Prototyping the mechanical and electronic systems. We translate the design into mechanical and electrical systems. We model these systems using appropriate design tools, then plan, source, and build prototypes.
  • Testing & Updates. We iterate on early prototypes quickly making changes as necessary and test them against key defined requirements.

Phase 2 is heavily influenced by the type of product we are working on, the systems in place, and the project requirements.

Phase 3: Engineering for Reliability and Mass Production


Phase 3 is all about getting the design production ready. We do this by:

  • Running detailed analysis to meet project requirements. this also includes any regulatory or certification requirements and the documentation to go with it.
  • Testing it for rigorous use. Calculations are great, but we need to make sure we are happy with the final product in real life. We give prototypes to people we know and trust to put them through the ringer.
  • Simplify and optimize for straight forward manufacturing. We revisit the electronic and mechanical systems to optimize for ease of manufacture, cost, durability, and other product priorities.

Phase 3 changes significantly based on the type of product and the requirements we have set out.

Phase 4: Finding a Factory and Managing the Manufacture Process


Either our team or our established partners will visit the factory and establish the basis of a strong relationship:

  • Find the best factory for your product needs. We find and qualify factories that meet your product needs, then we choose the best one based on your priorities, order size, and growth projections.
  • Prepare up for manufacture. We take care of the paperwork, and oversee pre-production preparation that needs to happen including tooling and samples.
  • Ensure the highest quality is upheld in production. We have 3rd party quality control set up to ensure our requirements are met.

We oversee the manufacturing process so you can be confident in the finished product.

That’s our process in a nutshell. There is, of course, a lot that changes from project to project, so connect with us to learn how this process can be applied to your product.

Our Beliefs and Our "Why"

We believe that great ideas come from everyday people in the world. It is everyday people that experience real problems and want better solutions. And unfortunately, there are too many good ideas that never see the light of day.

In the modern day, we are continuously bombarded with misinformation. We hear people dismiss product development because of the outrageous cost – the first iPhone did cost more than $1.5 million dollars to develop after all. Expensive right? Well not really – not compared to the $1.2 billion dollars they made in sales (that’s less than 0.15% in product development costs!)

Don’t misunderstand, building a successful business has many challenges. It’s hard. It’s really hard. Yes, you need to figure out your product – but then, you also need a strategy for marketing, sales, customer service, fulfillment, even human resources. Then comes the hard part – doing it all.

That’s why we created Ventrify. Business is difficult, and product development is a large domain, all on its own. It requires many different expertise and takes a significant amount of time.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market by spearheading their product development challenges. By empowering people to pursue their ideas without fear of the technical challenges, we will see more creativity, more inspiration, and more progress in the world.

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Whether you have a napkin sketch or are halfway through the design process, reach out to us today so we can help you build a successful business by launching a new product.

Your Questions, Answered

How much will the product development process cost?
Development costs vary largely based on the complexity and timeline, but our goal at Ventrify is for our clients to make enough in profit on the first order shipment to break even on all their product development costs. Our projects typically cost (start to finish) from $10k to $100k.

How long will the process take?
This also varies heavily based on the complexity of the project. At the minimum, it takes two and a half months to work through the process to the manufacture phase. It takes longer for complex projects and can be shorter if you have done part of the work or are only looking for manufacturing help.

What do I need to get started?
All you need is a product idea you want to bring to market – it can be as simple as a napkin sketch. As long as you can describe what you are looking for, we will work together to figure out the rest.

My project doesn’t fit your process – I’m already part way through development or just need help with one thing – can you still help me?
Yes – our process is what we do for a typical project. However, each project is different. We will provide a custom plan to make sure you are getting the help you need.

I want to do the work (or have my team do it), do you provide guidance?
Yes – we can become your product design consultant, working alongside you or your team. This way, you can make use of your in-house resources and train your staff “on the job.”

How do I get started?
If you’re not sure about the next steps, book a time to talk and we’ll give you our expert opinion on how best to proceed.

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